This is an introduction to aerobatics that will leave you with an indelible imprint of a whole different world of flying.  Your instructor will take you through "baby" steps carefully explaining each manoeuvre before flying it, so there are no surprises as you execute each sequence.

Get ready for a structured training program that adds years of experience to your general flying and teaches you the art of flying perfection. "Flying by the seat of your Pants"

Our Aircraft

Pitts Special S2b aircraft are world renowned for their acrobatic abilities.

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Meet the Team

Want to know more about our experienced pilots?

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Contact Us
+1 (941) 928-6228 Earle
+1 (202) 230-4133 Anthony
8am - 5pm EDT
27.396554° N, 82.549198° W
1234 Clyde Jones Road
Sarasota Bradenton International Airport
Sarasota, FL 34243



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